File -> New: Select a gun preset
File -> Export: Exports your build as XML. Save this on your computer for future use
File -> Import: Imports the code you got from Exporting
File -> Save JPG: Saves a picture of your gun on your computer

Arrow Keys: Move selected items by 1 pixel
SHIFT + Arrow Keys: Move selected items by 10 pixels
V: Move tool
R: Rotate tool
S: Scale tool
SHIFT + G: Group selected parts
SHIFT + B: Ungroup (only if a group is selected)
SHIFT + D: Duplicate selected parts
Delete: Currently disabled

Things to know:
- Many parts such as stocks, rail covers, RIS and more come grouped. You can ungroup them for further customization.
- If you have a small monitor/resolution, try using CTRL + Scroll to resize the application.

-- Dr. Noob